8" Commercial Dredge

8" Commercial Dredge

Commercial 8" Dredge


Years in the making, the Proline 8" Dredge has set a new standard for portability and performance. Computer analysis and rigorous field testing, backed by over forty years of experience, has resulted in one of the most efficient and user friendly designs that has ever been offered.

The unique CNC machined, tig welded modular frame incorporates extensive use of laser cut components to ensure a high degree of accuracy. We include sturdy aluminum walking decks, which have been convered with a special non-slip coating. Designed for simplified shipping and transport into remote locations, assembly and adjustments can be made with just a few basic hand tools. Our winching system allows for easy sluice box slope adjustments while the dredge is in use, and we've greatly simplified the fore/aft movement of the sluice box. It rolls on four heavy duty plastic wheels, making it quick and easy to achieve proper dredge balance in the field.

Proline is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of the non-clogging jetting system. While our design's been imitated for years, no other company has been so successful at eliminating surface rock jams for their customers. Our Sure Flow hose coupling is simply unmatched for quality and simplicity. It threads onto the outer ribs of the dredge hose, creating a strong, leak-free method of hose attachment which cannot fail. Simply slide the Sure Flow into the oversized power jet and latch it in!

We power this model with two electric start Honda GX630 engines and our new HP800 water pumps. The HP800 is a very large 4" x 3" pump, and incorporates an innovative mounting pad for the PCA10 air compressor. This feature eliminates the need for conventional steel engine plates and reduces weight. A belt tensioner is built into the mounting pad, further simplifying maintenance.

Each dredge includes a 12 volt battery, through-frame wiring, an aluminum 12 gallon fuel cell with larger filler cap, 25ft of dredge hose, and our Pro Series 8" swivel tip. Available options include a full legnth canopy, diver's ladders, and several engine/pump upgrades for deep water work.

Commercial 8" Dredge ($19,950)

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  • Specifications:

    • Engine: (2) Honda GX630s
    • Pump: (2) HP800s
    • Sluice Box: 26" x 144"
    • Dredge Hose: 8" x 25 ft.
    • High Pressure Hose: (2) 3" x 90"
    • Intake Hose: (1) 4" x 48", (1) 4" x 60"
    • Flotation: 6 polyethylene floats 19" X 87" X 180"
    • Air Compressor: PCA10
    • Weight: 1750 lbs